First the hoodie and now...

The t-shirt!

A friend makes me this t-shirt of Sons of Anarchy with the Reaper in the back and nothing in front :) It doesn't seem handmade, right? But it is! He'll send it in the next days so now I'm excited because it's hot again in my city and maybe I'll have the chance to use it.

Anyway, I think it's time to stop talking about SOA, don't  you think so? At least for a while. I don't wanna that you think I'm only fan of this show. Actually, tonight I watched the season finale of Black Sails and I wanna post something about it. But, Black Sails deserves a whole post to itself.

Just wait and see.

I'll be back soon!


Please let me die

Spoilers. The story of my life. I read a tweet a couple days ago and I had this hunch...

Today, I confirmed so now I wanna die.

I was home alone and I cry out my eyes reading the tweet of the actor that plays one of my fav characters in Black Sails.

Please let mi die with him.


Um... yeah. Me again.

A few pictures of the latest gifts that my boyfriend gives to me! This is THE post that I'd promised you :D

Me, wearing my SAMCRO's hoodie:

And Jesse, bobblehead! 

(I swear it's a coincidence that Sailor Moon is pointing toward his head with the Moon Stick).

Well, that was all I wanted to show you. I take a few more pictures of my nerdy stuff but I'll leave for another entry. 

Adios amigos!

New layout on SOLDIER

I tell you guys that I was working a new layout to the fanlisting of Chibs. It's simpler than before and my computer runs it much better haha (I really need to format my laptop).

Visit SOLDIER - Chibs Telford Fanlisting 

This is not the post that I promise you so you'll hear from me soon.



Hi everyone! It was some time since I WROTE something here (that post with the .gif of Chibs? I don't count as a post) but I'm back and I have news!

The title of this post has to do with my application to TFL.org about the fanlisting of the relationship between Chibs and Juice (SOA). Finally, this morning they sent me the confirmation that my FL has been approved.

I have some troubles a month ago with the Last Update Date that delayed this but I fixed it, so I'm now the proud owner of PROMISES :)

Looks great or what? In this case, I did a simpler layout and navigation than SOLDIER and I think it's better in this way so, in the future, I'll change the layout to Chibs's FL too (actually, I'm working on it).

Anyway, check out my new fanlisting and join! I promise you that I'll post soon because I've a few new fangirl's stuff that I wanna show you (spoiler alert: SOA and Breaking Bad related).

Adios amigos!


The exception to the rule

Yesterday I finished Breaking Bad. Yeah, a little late, right? But, you should know that, although I love watching TV series, I usually don't see them when everybody does. Why? I don't really know, I just... Always, even when I was a preteen, I swim against the current like a salmon.

Anyway, Breaking Bad. I must say, the finale let me very satisfied. Well, my "perfect" ending was Jesse killing Walt but there was no way that could happen because the kid loves Mr. White, nonetheless.

I'm relieved that Jesse's still alive because my favorites characters always die. Almost. Until now, Jesse and Chibs (from SOA) survived and that is a thing, I mean it! Just to mention a few: Snape, Spike (I only watched Buffy's series, not Angel), Juice, Newt.

Oh Ra, Juice.

I suffered A LOT with the death of Juice. I cry over every time I recall it: "He's dead and his body was abandoned in Stockton".

And Jesse reminds me Juice so much. Definitely, they are similar characters and I didn't want that ending again. Not to Jesse.

So, now you maybe understand why I'm so happy with Pinkman release. Even if it's sad at the same time because he's psychologically broken. I'm happy because Jesse's the exception to the rule.

My favorites characters always die? No, not Jesse and not Chibs but this post is about Pinkman, bitches.


Why fanfictions?

Well, why not? I love reading them and sometimes, writing them. In the past I wrote more frequently but now I don't have the focus to do it (yeah, today I'm obsessed with one relationship and next day that's off). So, I spend a lot of my time reading what another person wrote.

2004. I was a 14 years old teenager and Beyblade is on TV. It's THE anime of the moment and even have a sticker album (oh, the childhood). One day I was surfing the internet, searching about Beyblade (yeah) and suddenly I found a Kai Hiwatari/Rei Kon's fanfiction.

I don't know how I ended in that page but I was there so I read it. And I loved it... The story made sense. In my little head, that relationship worked.

That's how I started to read fanfictions (and I met Yaoi).

Rapidly I joined to Fanfiction.net, Amor-yaoi, SlasHeaven and most recently (too late, I must to say), the fanfiction's paradise: ArchiveOfOurOwn.org. There I found all sorts of pairings. ALL SORTS. And I celebrate that because I frecuently like the less popular ones.

If you have never read a fanfiction, I invite you to do it because your fantasies have a place to become real ;)


Happy New Year!

(Ok, I'd to edited this post because I have news)

This year started great! TheFanlistings.org approved my Chibs & Juice application form! I'm so happy! :) The email was sended this early morning.

And it has also been added to the list of approved fanlistings in the Relationships: TV category:

Tomorrow (because I can't do it right now) I'll send the finished form :D!